2024-05-20: What a Week

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Here’s today at a glance:

What a Week

OpenAI’s long week

OpenAI demo’ed its ChatGPT-4o (the model hereafter will be referred to as 4o) on Monday. If you haven’t seen the demo, the YouTube link is below. I recommend either watching it or the accompanying blogpost.

I’m going to summarize the key takeaways, as there is a LOT of material out there

1) It’s really cheap

  • Even the ChatGPT free version automatically receives this free

  • The 4o model will have a 50% discounted price on the API, and a further 50% discounted price on the batch API

2) It’s really fast

  • The speed of response is sometimes faster than a human can read

  • Especially since it responds this fast, whether to a complex math problem or a social chat

3) It speaks

  • They demo’ed voice capability, which, on the face of it, doesn’t look very different from other voice assistants

  • This capability has not been released yet

  • From the materials presented, the model is natively generating sound waves, meaning it can speak with any voice, sing, etc

  • The emotiveness of the voice indicates a breakthrough in human-computer interaction

4) It can see

  • You can share screen or camera and it can see what’s going on in real-time

5) It generates images

  • This wasn’t even demoed properly

  • In short, it can natively generate pixel data

  • Including text, photographs, and documents

  • It can see an input image and generate new images based on the input

  • They’ve solved character consistency between images

6) Coding ability has degraded

  • This is the overall view from developer peanut gallery

  • Head-to-head matchups on lmysys indicate 4o is the best model, though

7) A new desktop ChatGPT app has been launched

  • Available on Mac first, it will allow you to share screen and work with ChatGPT

  • Next obvious step is to have ChatGPT operate your screen for you

8) ChatGPT Plus subscribers will get Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, and Slides access

  • Unclear when and how this will happen but it’s essentially Copilot with screen share for data analysis and presentations

Google IO

OpenAI’s launch disrupted Google IO buzz.

1) Generative AI for search went live

  • Immediate change in the SERP algo and behavior, disenfranchising a wide swatch of formerly profitable sites

Besides that, there were many, many other announcements, including many flavors of Gemini. But the confused messaging and unclear release timelines ( the music generation app has a waitlist for the waitlist) suffocated the buzz.

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