2024-05-10-EB-9: The First Immortal

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EB-9: The First Immortal

(Yes, the legal issue will come out on Monday never fear. But for now...)


Kwebbelkop, aka Jordi, is a former gaming YouTuber turned AI entrepreneur. He achieved significant success with his "Let's Play" videos, garnering millions of subscribers and views. Jordi posted hour-long clips twice a day for over a decade, is ranked in the top 50 gaming channels and top 1000 channels overall on YouTube.

Recognizing the limitations of being a sole content creator, Jordi shifted his focus to developing AI-powered content creation models. He is now the CEO of a company that manages virtual influencers and explores the potential of AI in entertainment.


  • Transition from Human to AI Influencer: Jordi discusses his journey from being a gaming YouTuber to exploring AI-driven content creation. He highlights the challenges of the "key man problem" and his desire to build a scalable and sustainable model.

  • The Success of Virtual Influencers: The interview explores the success of Bloo, the world's leading virtual influencer managed by Jordi's company. This demonstrates the potential and viability of AI-powered virtual characters in the entertainment industry.

  • AI Tools for Creators: Jordi envisions AI tools that can automate various aspects of content creation, such as video editing and idea generation. He believes these tools will empower creators and democratize content creation.

  • Addressing AI Concerns: The discussion tackles concerns surrounding AI, including job displacement and ethical implications. Jordi argues that AI will create new opportunities and enhance creativity rather than replace humans entirely.

  • The Future of Entertainment: Jordi shares his vision for the future of entertainment, including AI-powered social media platforms and interactive experiences such as AI companions in video games. He believes AI will play a crucial role in shaping the future of storytelling and audience engagement.


May 1st, 2024


  • On the challenges of starting out: "I was 17. I had no business experience. I had no YouTube experience. Just started on my own, no mentor, no nothing!"

  • On who is Kwebbelkop: “The persona really is an amplification of every emotion that you could have. If I was happy, I was super happy or if I was sad, I would be super sad...we just took it to the extreme.“

  • On the importance of watch time as a key metric for YouTube creators: "A lot of people think it's views. I have a video with a hundred million views. It made me like two grand. That's it."

  • On the early challenges of using AI: "The first Kwebbelkop AI virtual avatar test was three to four years ago... there was a 50% decline in average watch time."

  • On his key skill: “I compare it to freestyling in rap, where you're already thinking of like, what am I gonna rhyme and what am I gonna do? But then you're commentating over the gameplay.“

  • On his determination to use AI to overcome the creator burnout problem: “I was done. I was like, either ready to quit or I'm going to solve this problem for either myself or for future generations.“

  • On facing complaints as he introduced his AI persona: “It doesn't get more me than this. It's just that I'm using different tools.“

  • On embracing AI automation: “I'm pretty sure even the avatar can be automated. People don't seem to mind. The only time people seem to mind...And this is where I feel like the majority of the backlash came from is once you replace the host of a channel, right?“

  • On his relentless pursuit for content ideas: "I'm like in bed and I'm like, oh, wake up middle of the night, write down this video idea and go back to bed."

  • On using the latest AI models to generate video ideas “We tested gpt2-chatbot [lmsys Apr 27 release] it and then we compared it with GPT -4 and with Cloud 3 Opus to see which one is best at generating video ideas. And we did an A -B test and my team very quickly said gpt2, without knowing which one it was, was by far the best one“

  • On whether the AI will ever be able to do what he does: "She goes, 'Well, Kwebbelkop didn't mention the hot dog.'...And then I jumped in there and I said, 'I'm sorry, don't listen to that feedback because I would have never mentioned the hot dog.'"

  • On AI companions: “This kid come up to me and he asked, are you gonna build it? Because I have no friends to play with and I would love to have AI friends to play with.“

  • On becoming a Robin Hanson-style emulation from his YouTube clips: “I think I'm just going to wake up right away and they're going to be like, is this really you? Are you conscious? I'm just going to give them the thumbs up.“

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  • Motivation and Goals: Jordi's primary motivation is to overcome the limitations of traditional content creation and build a scalable model that empowers creators and expands the possibilities of entertainment.

  • Solving the Key Man Problem: He aims to address the "key man problem" by creating a system that doesn't rely on a single individual for content creation.

  • Democratizing Creativity: Jordi believes AI tools can lower barriers to entry in the content creation space, allowing more people to share their stories and express their creativity.

  • Potential Impact: His work has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment industry by enabling new forms of storytelling, audience engagement, and interactive experiences.


  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Jordi's company utilizes various AI technologies, including natural language processing, voice cloning, and computer vision, to create and manage virtual influencers and generate engaging content.

  • Data-Driven Approach: They leverage vast amounts of data to train their AI models and optimize content for different platforms and audiences.

  • Collaboration with Creators: Jordi emphasizes the importance of collaborating with human creators to ensure the quality and authenticity of AI-generated content.

What are the limitations and what's next:

  • Technological Limitations: The current state of AI technology still has limitations in terms of replicating human creativity and emotional intelligence.

  • Ethical Considerations: The development and use of AI in content creation raise ethical concerns that need to be addressed, such as bias, manipulation, and the potential for addiction.

  • Future Plans: Jordi's company continues to research and develop new AI tools and explore innovative applications of AI in the entertainment industry. They aim to create more interactive and engaging experiences for audiences while empowering creators with powerful tools.

Why It Matters:

  • Evolving Creator Economy: Jordi's work is at the forefront of the evolving creator economy, where AI plays a growing role in content creation and audience engagement.

  • Democratization of Storytelling: His efforts contribute to the democratization of storytelling by providing creators with accessible tools and platforms to share their stories and reach wider audiences.

  • Advancement of AI: Jordi's work pushes the boundaries of AI technology and explores its potential in creative applications, contributing to the overall advancement of the field.

  • Impact on Society: AI-powered content creation has the potential to transform how we consume and interact with entertainment, potentially influencing our culture and social interactions.

Additional Notes:

  • The interview highlights Jordi's passion for storytelling and his belief in the power of AI to enhance and expand creative possibilities.

  • His journey offers valuable insights and inspiration for creators and entrepreneurs looking to navigate the evolving digital landscape and leverage the power of AI.


In August 2023, Kwebbelkop introduced an AI version of himself (this video was taken down!)

The top Kwebbelkop video with 142 million views

The second-highest vid, GTA5 - Try not to be impressed (31 million views)

The question of the inner monologue, which Jordi has in abundance, unlike some others

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