Intel Made A Good Chip

Stability AI shares the performance of Intel’s Gaudi chip

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Stability AI shares the performance of Intel’s Gaudi chip across its clusters, and it finally looks competitive.

That’s double the image training throughput of a H100. With an at minimum 33% lower cost than using H100s based on Databricks survey of the public cloud in January.

For inference, the cost advantage is even more pronounced, with almost a 50% cost advantage.

And of course, Gaudi 3 is coming in 2024.

All of which, must be making Jensen increasingly nervous. He says even free AI chips from his competitors can't beat Nvidia's GPUs,

Now, please note that none of this is financial advice. Warren Buffet brain would say “Buy Intel,” while Charlie Munger brain would say “Buy Nvidia," which just goes to show how bad all financial advice out there is.

Because truly, in an AGI world, the only thing worth anything is human relationships and health. So go out there and touch some grass on a walk with your family.

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